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Kitchen Renovations & Construction

The kitchen area is an integral part of your home. When planning a custom kitchen design, it’s best to base decisions on how you envision your space to function. Kitchens are used for cooking and connecting with family or entertaining guests. If this area of your home does not meet your needs, consider investing in a kitchen renovation project. 

For over 30 years, Double Arrow Construction has helped homeowners improve the functionality of their kitchen. Below are a few important elements we consider when designing kitchens.



Spacing is essential to the functionality of your kitchen. Our experts can help you determine the best layout of your kitchen based on how often you use the area. To get a visual idea of what the final product will look like, we provide a 3D view of your project during the design phase. The 3D view will encapsulate the entirety of your kitchen project and allow you to experience what the space will actually look and feel like. This helps us identify potential problems or dislikes in the design. Whether you’re looking for a small renovation or complete remodel, we’ll help guide you in the right direction. 


Cabinetry is a significant influence on the way your kitchen looks and feels. Since a large percentage of an average kitchen’s cost is spent on the cabinetry, investing in the right cabinets is crucial. We offer custom cabinetry and millwork for your unique needs and designs. Our professionals will discuss styles, materials, and quality with you during the design process. 


Lighting makes a world of difference. From fixtures to placements, our professional designers will give your kitchen the lighting it deserves. Finding the right combination of lighting layers can be overwhelming, that’s why you can rely on our team to build the right solution for you.